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For some individuals seeking counselling is a huge step and a decision that may be surrounded by fear and ambivalence. Our goal is to gently guide you on a safe and compassionate journey that I hope will be the best trip of your life.

Whatever path we choose, sometimes we need help to find a more positive, meaningful and passionate possibility. In the midst of our angst, it can be extremely painful and difficult to understand there may be another way that will guide and clarify our lives. This new strength and empowerment can manifest in an more authentic and liberating life.

Throughout our counselling process, you will begin to understand “Belief Systems” and the role they play in your life. By defining your beliefs and reconstructing them to your own truths, you will be able to find the freedom and ability to choose alternative paths.

We know that you need not be “fixed” or corrected but just simply understood. Counselling is really about being you without all the costumes or facades and, perhaps for the first time, it is learning to truly love your whole self by understanding the beauty that lies deep within you.


Counselling is Acceptance , Listening , and Understanding

These 3 ways of relating contribute to an atmosphere of trust and safety that a client needs in order to share and allow a spontaneous uncensored flow of thoughts and feelings  to take place.

Acceptance is an attitude , an inner experience that is beyond technique.  In an accepting state , a counsellor is viewing the client as fundamentally ok , as a fellow wayfarer.  Acceptance transcends  seperating categories such as age , gender, financial status , reputation etc.

An accepting attitude generates a type of listening that is compassionate , curious yet respectful.  A quiet sense of awe is present as the counsellor is open to discovering how their client is doing in the dance of life.

Listening …..Every counsellor needs to find a way of listening that receives both verbal and non verbal information which can create an emphathetic connection to the client.

Understanding…..is a phenomena that grows and develops throughout the life of the counselling experience.  Both client and counsellor uncover realizations and insights that previously have remained in the unconscious of the client.  Through time and  strength of the counsellor-client relationship we can strive to bring the unconscious into the conscious.