On War With Negative Body Image

“Oftentimes it seems to come out of nowhere. It might speak up when you’re in the fitting room, when you’re going to the gym, when you’re getting ready for dinner, when you’re eating, when you’re focused on a project for work, when you’re walking down the street. One of the toughest parts about silencing that negative voice is that it sounds suspiciously similar to our own voice.” Margarita Tartakovsky, MS talks about negative body image.

Women these days inescapably feel insecure about their bodies and physical appearance. It makes them attempt to manipulate their bodies to please the eyes of everyone. Celebrities seen on television tend to demonstrate how to become successful and popular by being thin. And this is what we call the “thin-ideal media” concept where most actresses who have important roles in films or shows are undeniably thin. It seems like every year the body size of women portrayed by the mass media is getting smaller and smaller. We can’t deny the fact that this type of women is marketable and considered by the majority as attractive. 


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Thin-ideal media want everyone to realize that being thin is a good and desirable thing, even though it reaches the point where it can already cause damages to one’s health. Because of this, many young women venture to various diet products on the market. Some may even try to take risks in plastic and cosmetic surgeries to reach their desired look. It seems that self-esteem for girls is synonymous to body-esteem. For those who do not meet the standard criteria for girls, they often feel inadequate and turn to severe behaviors in manipulating their body. This often leads them to various eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa and bulimia. 

“New research discovers that negative body image significantly increases the risk of obesity regardless of whether youth have depression,” says Rick Nauert PhD. “Inferior self-image is associated with greater psychological distress, more disordered eating, binge eating, and fewer health-promoting behaviors such as physical activity and consumption of fruits and vegetables.” He adds.


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Since negative body image is a common problem among girls, the following advice may help them divert their selves towards a healthy and positive view of a person. 

Accept People Of All Sizes And Shapes 

Listing down the people whom the person admire that do not possess perfect bodies may help her appreciate her own body. Girls must realize that appearance is not essential if we are talking about the talents and skills that a person possesses. One should not become someone whom she is not to please everyone. 

Fight The Diet Downfall 

An intuitive eating approach can be useful. Women must not count the calories of a particular food by reading its label. Instead, she must focus on the moderate consumption of all types of foods. They must learn to monitor their hunger and must have a healthy relationship with food. If they can’t do it alone, they may ask for help from their friends or professionals. 

Accept Genetics 

Genetics play a significant role in one’s body, and it mostly determines what type of body you will have. A person must learn to love her own body if she has nothing that can be done to it. It is not ideal to compare her body to her friends or media images. She must realize that no two bodies are the same. Everyone is unique. 


Befriend Your Body 


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Negative body image often leads to an eating disorder so as early as possible, women should combat that perception. Women should accept their body and learn to appreciate their inner being, soul, and spirit. They must realize that their worth does not depend on how closely they fit these unrealistic images portrayed by social media but on their beauty, which comes from within. Genuine people will love you not because you look good outside but through your goodness that radiates into your whole body. 

 Just remember, when dealing with your body image, according to Susan Kleinman, MA, ADTR, NCC:

Learn about how her perception of self takes form and lives in her body
Explore how she expresses herself through her body language
Identify how she sees herself and perceives how others see her
Examine how her image of herself impacts on her life
Explore and develop strategies to expand her ability to resolve her body-image issues

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