Anger Management Therapy 101: Suggestions On Preventing Road Rage

Driving is a hobby that many individuals, especially young adults, have acquired in this new age. It is no longer just a way to avoid walking from location A to B. With a full talk and open windows, you can also drive in any direction without a specific destination and let the wind carry your problems away, albeit momentarily.


The only downside to driving too often is that it makes you susceptible to clashing with another hot-headed driver. That typically happens when you, say, cut their car while overtaking, come so close to it, or bump into their vehicle, regardless if it’s accidental or not. In case no side wants to back down, violence on the road may ensue soon enough.

“Anger is a normal human emotion. Sometimes the way that we handle this emotion causes various problems in our lives.” Sarah Howson, LPC, CADC III said. If you are a driving fanatic yourself, though, you ought to know better than to not talk about any issue calmly. Read what anger management therapy experts suggest so that you can prevent road rage below.

  1. Give Way

No matter how late you must be for work, it is not wise to race against other cars on a public highway. Allow the ones behind you to pass, primarily if they already called your attention about their intention. I know that ego may make that a difficult feat for male drivers, yet it is essential to do it to avoid butting heads with anyone. Just think that others are weaving in and out of traffic because there’s an emergency, and you’re doing them a huge favor by giving way to them.

  1. Leave Your Place Early

Road rage is quite easy to thwart as well when you have much free time to drive more slowly than others. You’ll then be able to relax, listen to music, and collect your thoughts before reaching your destination. Besides, “It seems as though – I wouldn’t say music has special properties – but, it has the ability to distract or engage in ways that other stimuli don’t.” Neuropsychologist Daniel Levitin, PhD said. Furthermore, you won’t be like the annoying drivers who keep on pressing their car horn even when the red traffic light is on, perhaps dreaming that their actions will improve the traffic flow.

  1. Go Easy On The Tooter

As mentioned above, it is maddening to be on the road with someone who doesn’t want to move his or her palm off the car horn. Such folks practically have no manners or are merely ignorant of the fact that honking is not for everything. In case you don’t wish to see a fellow motorist move beside your vehicle and start yelling at you, then you have to learn when to use the tooter only.

  1. Remain Diplomatic At All Times

Accidents are unfortunate events that are quite challenging to avoid, whether you are a novice or professional driver. Considering you got into a minor vehicular collision, you and the other motorist should go to the roadside to settle the matter. If it’s your fault, don’t hesitate to apologize and ask how you can pay for the damages. If it’s theirs, then you can only get angry in case the person doesn’t say sorry or tries to run away from you. To make everything official, have a police officer or traffic enforcer as a witness too.


Last but not the least, avoiding road rage may also be effortless when you do not have existing anger-related issues. As explained by Ben Martin, Psy.D. “In the world of stress research, anger and hostility are the most widely studied behavioral characteristics.” Assuming you notice that you are more temperamental than ever lately, you should try self-help techniques to clear your mind and keep your cool. Should they not work, then feel free to get anger management therapy.

Drive safely!