Tips For A Healthier Lifestyle That Teenagers Should Follow As Early As Now

The problem that most adults now face is the lack of a healthy lifestyle according to most therapists and health experts. It should have been their best foundation for their healthy physical, mental, and emotional aspects. If you have ever gone to a doctor complaining about a dull headache or illness, more often than not, you would hear the phrases “change lifestyle.”

Teenagers may not be aware of how a healthy lifestyle affects them in the future. They may not even know what constitutes a healthy lifestyle. Parents and guardians play an essential role then of being the best example for the younger generations. Not sure where correctly to start? Let us take it slowly. Read on:

Add Greens To Your Plate


With the ever-progressing and busier world, people take all the ready-to-eat food they know. Modern people have a huge tendency to pick a pre-packed food than the organic ones.  “A balanced diet that includes lots of fiber helps keep your gut system running efficiently by helping to support a more diverse gut microbiome.” John M. Grohol, Psy.D. explains.

Physical well-being significantly affects the mental and emotional aspects of a person. Different food carries different minerals and vitamins. Learn how to enjoy fruits and vegetables without the nagging from parents and elders. Discipline is the best when it comes to this eating habit.

Exercise Even Once A Week

The best form of a workout as a beginner is to walk around the neighborhood once a week. Do light cardio or weights. Aside from the usual physical benefits exercise brings about, it is also suitable for mental health. Working out is known to release the brain’s happy hormones or the so-called serotonin. Akso, “Regular exercise helps you relieve stress and may help prevent or reduce depression. Aerobic exercise and yoga have been found to be particularly beneficial for reducing stress and improving mood,” says ADAA member Stephanie Kriesberg, PsyD.

As soon as you start, trust us, your body will begin to look for more. Before you even know it, exercising has already become a habit.

Maintain The Proper Body Weight

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Maintaining a healthy body weight does not always mean that one desires to look sexy, fitter, or more attractive. Physical benefits should only be secondary to being healthy in general. Having a proper body weight is an indication that you are less likely to contact any disease or illness than most people.

Watch Your Salt And Sugar Intake

A world full of instant food means loads of preservatives that will eventually harm consumers in no time. Before you know it, you are already experiencing the adverse effects that may already be worse than the onset.

Learn how to read nutritional labels and more importantly, to tell yourself how much is too much. Keep the sugar and salt intake in acceptable and recommended levels according to age. “Research is now uncovering more information about just how consuming excess sugar impacts our overall health-not just our physical health but also our mental health.” Mary C. Wiley, PsyD also added.

Drink Sufficient Amount Of Water

Lack of water intake on their younger days increases the risk of the elderlies to dehydration as they age. To date, there are several studies which also associate water intake with heart attacks. It is concluded that sufficient glasses of water every day is reliable protection against heart diseases.

Moreover, doctors and experts scientifically prove that water is the best anti-aging early treatment. If you hate dry skin and do not want your skin to dry out and wrinkle earlier than expected, water is the best prevention. So heads up for skin-conscious people, drink enough water as early as today.

Sleep The Right Way

Close-Up Photography of Woman Sleeping

Poor sleeping patterns are shown to be adverse to anyone’s thinking capabilities and performance in the long run. Sleep is positively associated with the mental and emotional aspects of a person. If it becomes disrupted, expect more mediocre learning ability and worst, poor mental health in the long run.

Take Vitamins

Our health may be declining not because we forget to eat real food but because our body lacks the necessary vitamins. Different vitamins play various roles in our body. Specific vitamins are responsible for bone-healing, skin protection, and strengthening of the immune system.

We may not take all the required vitamins in a day, so it is essential that we have them even in the form of capsules. Moreover, if you already know that you lack a particular nutrient, then take the appropriate consultation for the proper dose of vitamins. One example is vitamin D if you know you do not get enough sun exposure.

Avoid Smoking At All Costs

Smoking has been tagged as the major killer in the UK. Even one cigarette can already bring about hundreds of problems in your body. It affects every organ that you know of. Healthier lifestyle begins without any smoking vices.

These tips are surely well-researched by the experts in the field. Each of these wellness points is positively associated with lesser chances of grave diseases, light illnesses, and poorer mental health. Teenagers should, as early as now, start following them little by little until their body gets used to a healthy lifestyle. Remember that in this modern world, a healthy lifestyle is a luxury that anyone, regardless of profession and income, can have any time they want it.