Sharing Several Best Life Advice From A Counselor

You might often think that life is so unfair. Unfortunately, it is. There are lots of uncertainties that you need to deal with emotionally and mentally. These things can either make you or break you. It is up to you how you would use the situation to your advantage. But in case you somehow lose track of what you are supposed to do, here is some of the best life advice from a counselor that can guide you.


“Stop Making A Big Deal Out Of Everything”

One particular reason why you often find yourself stuck in a stressful situation is that you make a big deal out of everything. Sometimes, you overreact to things that have little to no importance. You let yourself pay too much attention to a stressor that takes away your focus and motivation. So instead of acting like all things are equally important, you should focus more on the ones that need an immediate resolution. That way, you won’t get bombarded with lots of negative thoughts and end up not taking action at all. Consider these few steps.

  • Prioritize a task that requires an immediate attention
  • Avoid multitasking and work on an assignment one at a time
  • Accomplish goals based on the achievable period
  • Stop normalizing unrealistic expectations
  • Cut down on unnecessary self-judgment and insecurities

“Consider Pressure A Friend, Not An Enemy”

People can’t blame you if you think that pressure is a negative thing because, in most instances, it is. However, the problem with that mentality has something to do with your ability to work on things under a limited amount of assistance, resources, and time. Instead of thinking that pressure is detrimental, consider it as a friend. Use pressure to grow and develop your skills, especially in unexpected life-engaging situations. Pressure is not that bad, and in fact, it can provide some benefits, including the following:

  • It provides enough reason to thrive on a task and perform better
  • It encourages alertness and focuses that are necessary for an immediate accomplishment
  • It helps in acquiring time management skills beneficial for an improved production
  • It boosts self-awareness and self-confidence


“Learn How To Use Relaxation Properly”

An essential component of your overall wellness and development has a lot to do with prioritizing relaxation. Of course, too much engagement on it can lead to lethargy and procrastination. Thus, it would be best if you can use relaxation properly. Use it when you feel like things are so overwhelming to provide you with a fresh new start. Allow your body and mind to have some rest because you deserve it. To work on some relaxation techniques, you can begin with these:

  • Take slow, deep breaths.
  • Write in a journal
  • Use guided imagery
  • Soak in a warm bath
  • Listen to soothing music
  • Play an instrument

“Choose Your Best Circle Of People”

One thing you should always remember when it comes to taking care of your emotional, physical, and mental health needs is avoiding toxicity as much as whatever it takes. Usually, you struggle a lot because you surround yourself with badly influenced individuals who often weigh emotional burdens. To address that, you need to let go of the people that do not healthily contribute to your growth and development. You have to choose your overall wellness before anything else. So even if you have to shut down even your closest friends and family, do it if that can restrict the presence of toxicity in your life.

  • Be mindful not to give in to others’ unconditional demands
  • Use your own judgments as to how individuals should place their respect, loyalty, care, and love on you
  • Move away from people that constantly invites negative feelings and thoughts
  • Keep your distance from those friends or family that unappreciative and unsupportive
  • Seek help, talk to a friend or someone if you have to


“Embrace Your Feelings”

Of course, there would be those times that you won’t understand a single thing about your emotions. Sometimes when you are too stressed, anxious, and depressed, you get sucked into a realm of an endless cycle of negativity. That is okay. You don’t have to justify yourself to anybody because your feelings are valid. Do not ever listen to other people when they say that there are much worse situations than yours. Learn to value the current condition you are in. Embrace your feelings whether they affect you negatively because that is the only way you can pull yourself through.

  • Take your time to feel the negative emotions so you won’t force yourself to get better.
  • Step back and acknowledge how your feelings affect your thoughts
  • Accept that there are people that will never understand what you are going through
  • Listen to your own advice and take it if you have to
  • Focus on self-care and self-love
  • Love your imperfections and be the best version of yourself