Equality: Men And Women

Source: pexels.com

It all started at the 2017 Empower Women Conference. “Empowering Women Locally and Globally to Positively Impact the World,” that was the theme of the conference. The whole event took five hours, but for me, it seemed like a few minutes. Indiana University and their Office of International Services presented this conference, and of course, the topics were about empowering women. They wanted to show women that they can conquer fields like education, leadership development, and social justice.

But can we? After all, women are called “lesser sex.” We, the women, are termed weak, and cannot function in the man’s world. Why can’t it be a “woman’s” world? This is a bunch of crap. Totally, it is bias and all. Yes, women may be physically weak, and men were built to be strong as they can carry heavy things and break stuff that women cannot. That is why men are strong, but women are strong, too, in their sense and essence.

Source: pexels.com

Women are the ones who give birth, which is 57 DEL (units of pain) or the feeling of 20 fractured bones altogether. Can men handle that? They carry the baby for nine months, which means they have constant back pain for nine months too, and they cannot walk properly on the 9th month, a heavy stomach when the baby is about to arrive. Women are also expected to maintain the home, even if they work from 9 to 5, just like the men. And they also pitch in with the household expenses while they are the primary caretaker of their kids. Yes, we women cannot open a jar since it is too tight, but we can earn the same income. We can change locks and bulbs. And we are not the lesser sex. Men and women are equal.

And so, before men and women believe that women are weak or “cannot do this,” I beg to differ. There are so many things that women can do, which man cannot and will not ever be able to do. But there are also things that women cannot do which men dominate. It only means that there is a balance. There is equality. Men and women are equal.