A Woman’s Guide To Winning Over Anxiety

We are well into the 21st century, yet the expectations imposed to the female population still soar high. They say you have to act this way or you need to look that way to become acceptable to the society. However, a fact of the matter is such unsolicited advice merely make anxiety develop in the ladies’ head.

If it’s something you continuously fight yourself with, check out this guide on how to win over anxiety.

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Control Your Thoughts

Social pressures can ultimately derail your disposition if it has never been stable, to begin with. Your decisions sway when you hear someone else’s opinion, for instance, even though you already made up your mind before that.

The best way to counter that is by actively telling yourself to stop thinking like that. Don’t worry about others assuming that you’ve gone wacko for doing so. It’s important to converse with oneself at times to realize where you stand regarding serious matters.

Stop With The Comparisons
As you progress in life, you may notice that some women’s strengths are your weaknesses, and vice versa. Well, at least we hope you will and that it will discourage you from always comparing yourself to others. Listen to Marc Romano, PsyD when he says, “Focus on yourself and your own happiness and do not compare yourself to others.”

Such an activity increases the pressure weighing your shoulders down. They pay you no mind, so why don’t you do the same? If you want to be better than the rest, then start honing your real talents (not your ability to remain envious of others’ achievements).

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Defy Your Fears

“Fear, or getting scared, is an emotion that’s part of our biology as human beings, just like other emotions such as sadness, joy and anger. It serves a purpose that’s crucial to our ability to survive,”  says Steve Orma, PsyD, a clinical psychologist. When you have anxiety, it entails that there are facets of your life that you’re not willing to face. Many can understand how scary that must be; however, you’ll feel lighter – almost weightless – once you remove the extra baggage.

Start small, we say. Find out the most basic fear you have, and then confront it without a mental boost from booze. As soon as you overcome that, move on to more significant concerns until you’re done with all of them.

Take A Chance

The issue we see in women of today is that they are too afraid to commit mistakes. It is precisely right if you make your life public through social media where even people you don’t know feel compelled to comment on your situation. Thus, failing seems embarrassing.

But then again, how and when will you ever learn something new if you don’t take a swan dive into the ocean of opportunities? Let those folks praise you when you succeed or say ‘I told you so’ if you flunk. What matters is that you didn’t allow any break to drift away from you silently. “We only have control of ourselves and our own desire for growth and change.” Nikki Martinez, Psy.D. LCPC wrote in an article.


In Conclusion
Being able to achieve any of the ideas above can empower you a woman of this generation. You need to start taking ownership of your life now, regardless of the external forces that may try to put pressure on you. That’s your sole chance of winning over anxiety.